Christy Zhou

John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson University


Working Papers

“Knowledge Capital, Technology Adoption, and Environmental Policies: Evidence from the US Automobile Industry”, February 2016, [PDF] [Appendix

“The Effects of Fuel Costs and Sales on Fuel-Saving Technology Adoption: Direct and Indirect Effects”, with Thomas Klier (Chicago Fed) and Joshua Linn (Maryland), RFF Discussion Paper DP-16-26-REV, September 2018, [PDF], Under Review

  • Previous Title “The Effect of Market Size on Fuel-Saving Technology Adoption in Passenger Vehicles”, [RFF DP Version]

New: “How Much Do Consumers Value Fuel Economy and Performance? Evidence from Technology Adoption”, with Benjamin Leard (RFF) and Joshua Linn (Maryland), RFF Report, May 2018, [PDF], R&R Requested

  • RFF Report Version, [PDF], RFF Blog Post, [Link], RFF Resource Magazine, [Link]

New: “The Effect of Fuel Price Changes on Fleet Demand for New Vehicle Fuel Economy”, with Benjamin Leard (RFF) and Virginia McConnell (RFF), RFF Discussion Paper DP-17-25, November 2018, [PDF], R&R Resubmitted

  • RFF Discussion Paper, [Link], RFF Resource Magazine, [Link]

Selected Work in Progress

“Regulatory Spillover and Climate Co-benefit: Evidence from New Source Review Lawsuits”, December 2018, with Hei-Sing Ron Chan (U of Manchester), Available Upon Request