Christy Zhou

John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson University


Working Papers

“Knowledge Capital, Technology Adoption, and Environmental Policies: Evidence from the US Automobile Industry”, February 2016, [PDF] [Appendix

“The Effects of Fuel Costs and Market Size on Fuel-Saving Technology Adoption: Direct and Indirect Effects”, with Thomas Klier (Chicago Fed) and Joshua Linn (RFF), June 2017, RFF Discussion Paper 16-26-REV, [PDF], [RFF DP Version], Under Review

  • Previous Title “The Effect of Market Size on Fuel-Saving Technology Adoption in Passenger Vehicles”, December 2016

New: “How Much Do Consumers Value Fuel Economy and Performance? Evidence from Technology Adoption”, with Benjamin Leard (RFF) and Joshua Linn (RFF), June 2017, RFF Report, [PDF], Under Review

  • RFF Blog Post, [Link], RFF Resource Magazine, [Link]


Selected Work in Progress

“Comparing the Effects of Fuel Price Changes on Fleet and Retail New Vehicle Fuel Economy”, with Benjamin Leard (RFF) and Virginia McConnell (RFF), November 2017, Draft Available Upon Request 

“Regulatory Spillover and Climate Co-benefit: Evidence from New Source Review Enforcement”, with Hei-Sing Ron Chan (U of Manchester)